Friday, September 18, 2009


welp, it's friday night and i don't have much to do. going out? nah. it's been such a cozy and cloudy day out and i feel like i barely left the house all day but i did, for a job interview. i'm pretty sure i got it, but i'm heading to a second interview there tomorrow afternoon. i'm so excited! let's just say it's at one of the places i featured in the last couple entries.

so, obvz fashion week has been going on. in fact, i'm about ready for it to be out of my google reader. i've been overwhelmed with all of the info every day once i log on that i'm almost sick of it. sorry, so sue me. of course i've fallen in love with many of the lines, judged a couple here and there, but i'm ready to pack it in. enough with the twitter updates, facebook alerts, blog entries, youtube shows. i'm about done. yes, me, from my safe bed in georgia far far away from all of the new york excitement. i can only imagine that all those involved are saying they're glad it's over. okay so let's re-cap.

i was honestly really impressed by christian siriano's collection. it had plenty of 'high fashion' elements, perfect for editorial but could easily be seen on a red carpet.

lela rose's collection was girly and simple with extremely interesting use of color that really gave it a pop, but kept the designs pretty simple. my roommate interned with her this summer and her sketch of one of lela's designs got in WWD this week!

L'wren Scott's presentation was gorgeous and feminine. My favorite look is the peach dress with the dainty light green puff sleeve. so so so perfect.

phillip lim, oscar de la renta and nanette lepore always make me want to cry with how beautiful their work is, season after season. i feel the same way about designers like carolina herrara, marchesa, chris benz, michael kors, etc. basically the safe, classic and feminine designs. i'm really not all about the lady gaga freak show couture shock value fashion.

many of the presentations kind of blended into each other after a while. the obvious trends of beautiful candy like colors, high waisted, body-con silhouettes, a lot of use of my two favorite puke colors mustard and chartreuse which made me happy. i have to say i was counting down the minutes until i could see Rodarte's collection and i was not into it at all, same with marc jacobs. i loved marc by marc though. it was fun and easy to picture people in which is always what i like.

i'm not sure what else i have to say about all of it because i can't even remember everything that i've seen. it was fashion image internet overload.