Saturday, September 19, 2009

more love.

today after my job interview (which i think went really well!), i rode my bike around savannah. in order for me to get from my area to the downtown shopping district i must ride through forsyth park. ya know, completely depresses my day, similar to when i had to walk through a sea of drug adicts to get from my hotel/dorm to my classes this time last year. oh wait. it's the total opposite. forsyth park is one of the most beautiful, charming places in all of the city.

i listen to my ipod, ride sometimes fast but most of the time slow, staring at every single sight. i wonder if it will ever get old. if one day i'll just look around, roll my eyes and think "oh fuck. more mossy trees, more delicate flowers, more beautiful architecture." i don't think i will. it's similar to that fear of when you find a song you love, you want to listen to it forever but always fear that one day you'll get sick of it or like when you fall in love with someone new. it's a feeling you just don't want to end.

a street that has great shopping is whitaker street. i locked up my bike and browsed at all the beautiful antique and clothing boutiques. at Madame Chrysanthemum, i bought a bird 'mobile' type thing made out of tin, that i had in my dorm last year in black, but this time i bought it in a magenta pink.

i also came across these cards with the most adorable illustration by Turn of the Centuries. I picked up this adorable print/card for our kitchen. i checked out their etsy and blog and completely fell in love. i want everything. everything is so dainty, perfect and best of all...most of the pieces have something to do with savannah. please check them out

part of me almost feels guilty that i'm constantly comparing this new place to wilkes-barre and my whole king's college experiance. it was what it was. i worked hard to get here and waited for this so i think i deserve comparing how different it is, because it's astonishing. i cannot believe this is my life now and i don't think i'd be able to appreciate it all this much if i hadnt gone through living in a place where i was so sad and felt like the world was moving around everywhere but where i was.

people made me feel like a bitch for being who i was and not settling for that life. now i'm so glad that i felt the way i did, because i wasnt being a brat, i knew there was something else out there. and there is, there is so much out there, things i havent even seen yet. why waste time in a place that makes you feel like you're going backward instead of forward.

so i'm sorry if any king's people read this and think i'm bragging or somehow insulting their way of life. i'm just finally happy where i am, and i don't think i should have to feel bad about that. Byeeee.

all photos on here are pieces designed by turn of the centuries.