Monday, September 14, 2009

fashion week post soon. fell in love with so many collections. today was my first day of classes. i only had one class, which was art history and tomorrow will be my first drawing class and first 2d design class. it's all so scary but in the best way. one thing that really became apparent to me as soon as i set foot in the classroom, the overall attitude was different than the past 6 school years of my life.

there was the kid in crazy pants next to me, requesting to be called a whole other name than his own, a girl dressed like pat benetar, a couple random goth kids, etc. As i looked around the room, no one was openly judging. there was no jock in the back of the class making wise cracks about the 'weird kid', or talking about how 'retarded' the class was. there was no girl in sweatpants on her cell phone giving dirty looks. no one was doing any of that. people seemed to want to be there. for once. it felt nice.