Wednesday, September 23, 2009


alright, i hate to be Susie q girly girl unicorn sippin milkshakes, but I'm a girl, and whether we like it or not...the thought of wedding gowns have crossed our brains once or 300 times in our lives. this j.mendel dress is the epitome of mii pURffect wedDiNg drE$$ guYz.

no seriously.

basically this piece of perfection can fit any occasion as far as im concerned. maybe not uncle joey's bbq or cousin sally's baton twirling competition, but hey. whatever. the color is so dreamy with a subtle hint of blue/perriwinkle? i cannot tell, it's that light and whimsical. this is the exact definition of 'perfect gown' in my brain. in fact, if the whole wedding thing doesn't work out for me, i can be an old crazy woman who wanders the streets in this dress and everyone can pity me, but i won't give a fUck. see how versatile fashion is?