Tuesday, September 29, 2009

queen b

gossip girl is cheesy, predictable, over-publicized, blah blah blah...but on monday nights at 9pm, i'm tuning in. why? it's juicy and fun to watch but mainly, the fashion is so good. blair is and always will be my favorite. i just came across these photos from an upcoming episode. blair's dresses? goooooooodbye. so perfect. the dress featured in the 2nd picture? can you imagine anything more beautiful? no. you can't.

and although chuck bass makes me roll my eyes, i still love him & blair together. their looks remind me of old hollywood which clearly isn't seen a whole lot on teen television shows. he needs to give it a rest with the face & voice, but he won't. infact, it's going to just keep getting worse and worse so i've learned to embrace it.