Monday, April 20, 2009

today I discovered Cutiemus, which is an affordable online shop filled with the most precious items. as soon as i get some extra money, i want to buy a couple things. Sometimes shopping is difficult (sometimes) Everything I see is usually way too much money or cheap/made really horribly. Of course there is a middle ground, and I usually fall in love with things easily that appeal to me but money is always an issue. I'd rather save up & use my money for coffee/gas/supplies for jewelry.

Of course easy places to stick to are Urban Outfiters, Forever 21, Target, thrift stores, and even Nordstroms (which is a splurge for me & most college kids, im assuming.) So, finding websites like this are always good. I havent shopped for clothes for myself in months (except for thrift store finds) so i'm looking forward to doing summer shopping soon. im so sick of my clothes and need to clean out my closet & donate the things I don't wear. I need to start fresh this summer, with many things.