Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bib bitch

i'm slightly obsessed with timeless statement necklaces. they are really trendy right now on runways, in magazines, everywhere (well, except malls & average everyday closets but give it a year.) some are gaudy and too "i'm a senior citizen, havent left my condo in florida for 25 years and have been wearing the same panty hose & crazy huge necklace since reagan was president", so you have to be careful.

my favorite would be the bib style necklaces made up of gems, trinkets, and even fabrics. this week, i plan on bringing my statement necklace sketches to life or atleast testing the waters to see if I can even make something similar to what I have in my head. we'll see. they just seem like they'd be perfect for summer with a plain cotton white v neck and jeans or with a black strapless maxi dress. or whatever way you want!