Tuesday, April 14, 2009


surprise surprise, i really love zooey deschanel. i think i always have, but recently I've realized just how 100% cool she is. her movies are usually good, her music is beautiful, her style is perfect, music taste. everything. typical of me/girls like me to love her, but hey i'm a cliche i guess. and you know what, i love her and ben gibbard together. i want to be a guest at their wedding and try not to be drunk like i am at other weddings. (her dress in the first pic is beyond adorable.)

In other news, i just tried listening to Bat for Lashes after reading so much about her/them/whatever, and listerally said "fuck off" outloud. what ? it just reminds me of a scary nightmare scenario set in a medieval castle with millions of frozen faced scary women telling me to 'relax'. do not want anymore Bat for Lashes, no thank you.

ps: check this out! Rebecca Woolf (author & blogger from GGC) is wearing an Eighty8 headband! i was sososoo excited to see this, and I got a shoutout on her blog! Thank you Rebecca, you wear the headband very well!