Thursday, April 16, 2009

is it weird that when I look at photos of not only clothing, but interior design & gardens, i get butterflies and an overwhelming feeling as if I was a 14 year old boy watching tWo chiCkz mAKe OuT or something. is that sick? i just really love good design.

this weekend i'm moving into my new 'office'/ studio/ hang out/ practice interior design project. the tale of how this office situation came to be is quite an interesting one. see, once upon a time there was a business being run out of the basement. the man who ran the business was a friend of my dad, and one fine day he just up & left, and never returned. still remained friends with my dad, i might add, but never came back to clean up all his crap. i'm talkin' files from years ago, a calender marked 2005, things belonging to a woman who once worked there who is now dead?, FOOD, diet pills, pictures of loved ones, cell phones, etc. you get the picture. WHO just DOES that?

Once I got the permission from my parents that I could take over down there, I finally saw just how much stuff there was down there. My dad talked to the guy, told him what was happening and he didnt care. SO, we hired a garbage company to come in and throw everything out. And now my work can begin. This weekend i'm moving in my computer, dress model, tools, books and whatever else I can find. I feel like it's the night before the 6th grade school dance or something. Just so excited and anxious to get there except this time it's..well, it's nothing like a school dance, that's just the first thing that popped into my head. Pure excitement! I just want this project to begin. Oh, and to make some more sales..and to pass all of my classes of course. I'll throw that in there just to be a legitimate education focused person.

ps: mary im so happy you're updating doobey disco again. i love reading it & explorin that good ol brain of yours. dis is yr official sh0ut 0ut. to deidre love jodi.

photo credit- pottery barn and better homes & garden

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