Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i can't sleep and my brain is a huge weird salad of crazy right now, but I keep thinking about certain parts in 30 Rock that have been embedded in my mind.

Specifically, the episode titled "The Funcooker". While everyone is brainstorming ideas for the product name (because every name brought up is inappropriate), and Alec Baldwin's character throws out random scrabble pieces to make a word and the letters "v" "a" "g" appear and so he tries again, and then it just spells "h" "i" "t" "l" "e" "r". PLEASE tell me someone laughed at that, because i'm still laughing (not at Hitler or the Holocaust, everyone calm down!!!!!) days and days later and now through a half-asleep fog.

also, when Liz is dressed up as Princess Leia at jury duty. come onnnnn. I didnt realize TV could be so funny, intentionally. I realize it's funny unintentionally like on the Real Housewives when the Countess tells a poor overweight teen who says she wanted to be a model, "it's easy to loose weight dont worry", at a self esteem workshop for some sort of YMCA thing. Or Ramona's eyes? Ok i need to stop watching that show. every tuesday. at 10pm. and also sometimes at 11pm when i miss it at 10pm. what?