Saturday, May 2, 2009

alright, i came across this video tonight. let me start off by saying i love joanna newsom's music when i'm in the mood for it. i can't even fathom how she comes up with her lyrics & how she composes her songs. they are just beautiful, of course weird, but clearly beautiful.

in this video, and pretty much every other video i've seen where she's talking, she is like the girl in class in elementary school who loved horses, but not riding them like cool equestrian girls. just dreaming about them, and drawing them. she also liked sailor moon & had folders with kittens in haystacks and unicorns diving into rainbow diamond waterfalls. she had tons of cats and a really nice mom with looong hippie hair and no make up who made you eat hummus when you were at the house for playdates. i'm sure i'm missing a couple traits but you get the picture. isnt that what you imagine when you hear her talk?

with all of that said, i found myself nodding and agreeing with every weird statement she said. seahorses do look sad! wild horses don't have owners and thats freeing to think about! mountain goat did you say? i feel like a mountain goat too! YEAH! i've totally heard of them before.

she's so captivating and whimsical when she talks, and it makes you want to slap her and say "STOP!!" but you can't because she's probably just so nice.