Friday, April 24, 2009

my best friend abby and I always tell eachother we have the "same brain" and "same ears". when one of us hears a song we love, we automatically know the other will fall in love with it also. throw any topic, dress, boy, song, movies (WELL...sometimes) and nine times out of ten, we'll agree with eachother. i must say, i feel really lucky having her.

Vena Cava is a fashion label run by two best friends Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai. They met at age 17 and have successfully brought their beautiful visions to life in the fashion industry, gaining the respect of those around them. I've been reading interviews with the two of them, and they are not only talented & smart, they are incredibly funny and goofy and well, best girl friends. it totally shows. Vena Cava perfects my favorite thing in fashion: contrast between "edgy/grungy" and sophisticated feminine.

This video reminds me just how cool designing clothes with your friend (who has the "same brain" as you) could be. Of course there would be ups & downs, like with any partnership, but at the end of the're creating this amazing wearable art with your best friend. very few things beat that! maybe one day.. (HI ABBY, if you're reading this.)