Saturday, April 23, 2011

michael kors

Anytime I would think about Michael Kors, I would kind of yawn. MK is one of those brands that simply exist and please, instead of coming out with anything truly groundbreaking or unique. Infact, one time in one of my fashion classes last spring, someone mentioned how Michael Kors was one of their favorite designers. Everyone in the class, including the professor, groaned. However, with that said, brands like that are successful for a reason. Michael Kors puts out products that are classic, chic and simple, which is what any woman would want to add to their wardrobe. A girl I know in one of my classes has a beautiful chunky gold link watch that I admire all the time. So when I asked her where she got it, and her reply was "Michael Kors", I decided to look at what else he had going. These are all some my favorites.
(someone buy me those sunnies pleeease!)