Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is great so far. Started it off with lunch down the street with my Dad at one of my favorite Savannah brunch/lunch places J. Christopher's. Two very large cups of iced coffee later, i'm sitting on my couch listening to the new Fleet Foxes with the daylight shining thru (even if it's cloudy) catching up with one of my favorite fashion sites Who What Wear. This was the first fashion blog/site that I ever started following after stumbling upon it randomly two years ago. And though it's pretty straight forward and celebrity-style oriented, I still like to read it/take it all in from time to time. Katherine Power & Hilary Kerr have two of my dream jobs. And after seeing Katherine Power's apartment tour this week on Refinery 29, i've developed even more of a girl crush on her.

Her style is just so laid back, put together and cute without being overly sexy or overly trendy. Not to mention her apartment is adorable with all of her little knick-nacks all over the place. I love the scattered pictures above her bed. Hm, wonder why.