Saturday, April 23, 2011

karen walker

since it's almost summer, it's time to truly throw our bodies into a huge pile of sunglasses. yes you heard me. that's what you have to do when it's summer. haven't you heard? currently in my purse at any given time, there are three pairs of sunglasses. all black and all chunky. sure to entirely cover my scorcesse brows because there's nothing worse than the top of your eyebrows peaking out from above your frames too much, am i right? nothing worse. wait, there are wars & genocide going on in the world? what do you mean?

i love karen walker, but her collections lately have been a little too 'crazy shut-in woman' (which is a role that I may or may not identify with lately. oops) but her sunglasses are consistently on point every time. they're boxy, chunky, and a bit overpowering in the best way possible.