Monday, November 1, 2010

riot grrrl

for my 3D design class, i'm doing my project based on the riot grrrl movement in the early 90's. for the project, we're supposed to do four things: create a character, write a quick story explaining their world/their lives (past, present or future) and their environment, create a piece of wearable art that would fit that character and their culture/surroundings, use rhythm and repetition in the design & come up with a song to represent the design. Um, hello, of course I chose something 90's oriented because a: 90's era grunge/alternative/post punk is almost all I listen to so..hello. b: i'm a fashion major, so I got butterflies at the chance to make another garment (I created one already this quarter which was so fun as usual) and b: I needed to incorporate flannel somehow.

the more I researched my concept, the more I was lead to the idea of Riot Grrl which is something I love to read about anyway. If you don't know anything about Riot Grrrl, go over here to read the manifesto & do yourself a favor and google it. It's extremely interesting, especially if you're a woman who loves music, and it's a fantastic way of thinking/living. Girls can do whatever they set their minds to and be who they want, play guitars, beat the shit out of people, scream and yell, do things themselves and be apart of the 'boys club' of music without having to sacrifice feeling proud about their gender. Because of this movement, going to shows and loving 'harder' music and at the same time associating yourself with other women who feel this way is an empowering thing. It's just something I love reading up on, especially because it's one of the last real feminist movements that I can really think of that wasn't something relating to abortion/sexuality directly. It was more about a lifestyle of music, art, and DIY.

So it's on the brain lately. The dress is looking exactly the way I want it to look and my concept board is making me so fucking happy to look at. Basically, I made this project for the girl I wish I was in 1992.