Tuesday, November 2, 2010

eyebrow crushes

as I grow older (oh, so older. twenty two. someone get the hook, i'm outdated), I'm learning to embrace things about myself that I always hated. In fact, I'm starting to actually like most of the things I hated about me (most, not all. it's a JouRnEy). For instance, the eyebrow thing. I spent most of my teen years up until recently obsessing over not having bushy eyebrows/getting them waxed/over tweezing/you name it. For the first time, I haven't done a god damn thing to them in about 2 months. Sure they need some upkeep here and there once I venture into Peter Gallagher/Martin Scorsese territory, and trust me I'm a frequent visitor of that territory. But the point is that women need to learn to just let their appearance flow. Not to say that you should let it go, just let it flow. That sounds incredibly preachy and corny but I feel it's necessary to say. There are too many voices out there telling us otherwise.

I feel that eyebrows are one of those things that women are constantly 'taming' and obsessing over due to the fact that there is a certain image of perfection out there that we "have" to be one type of look. Not to mention, it's pretty painful and expensive. I mean, hello, that's not news. There is an image that women strive to be and forget to embrace what they were born to be, what they're born to look like, or essentially what they just feel comfortable being. Instead of wasting 10 dollars every other week on fixing something on my face that has a mind of it's own since I've come out of my mother's womb, I've let it just happen. I've saved money, time and I feel like it's step one to just being comfortable with what I've got.

It's definitely a bit of a confusing thing when my career dreams are, in a nut shell, selling an idea to society in order to make a profit. I guess 'textbook definition' would be that, but it's not 100% true. I think that advertising, the media, fashion, etc. does a fantastic job selling an idea of perfection to millions of women (and men) to tell them what they "have" to be to be beautiful and successful. My take on that is that it's a good thing if you have the right mentality. Seeing beautiful images of products and services out there that can 'better' your life is a positive thing when you know that your life will only be better if you do it yourself, and that cool clothing and products will just add to that. Taking the media noise out there and running with it in a positive way, adding to your already stable life is a good thing. That's why I like marketing, advertising and fashion. That's why I defend it. However, you've got nothing if you can't just like yourself first.

Now i'm starting this thing where I have "eyebrow crushes" on girls with fantastic brows that are just natural and bushy and cool. Enough with the tiny over tweezed trampy eyebrows. But hey, if that's what you're born with, (doubt it) then cool. Obviously Ali McGraw is an eyebrow icon. Observe her photos above.

I never leave comments open but I'm going to right now because I want to know what is one thing that you've always obsessed over/hated about yourself that you're growing to love/trying to learn to love? comment and tell me!


Brooke said...

I never used to leave the house without makeup on. And you know me, by makeup I mean: concealer, a little powder, blush and mascara - brush the brows and maybe gel them. Now? I don't care as much. Like you said, it's not letting go, it's being comfortable with your natural look. Even when it's a bit heinous. My eyebrows right now? Terrible! But, I have bangs, so it's cool. Ha.

Michal Lynn said...

I've always had a battle with my skin. Acne, the greases, you name it. But over the years, I've noticed that Ive made it out to be far worse than it was. I'm not perfect. I break out or shine out of control. But I know that not many people are blessed with flawless skin. And thanks to HD TV I know many celebrities just have amazing makeup artists. I may not be flawless but I feel better letting my skin breathe now instead of drowning in foundation. We are all still fabulous anyways!!

Fashion Limbo said...

Have to agree with the first 2 comments, and the whole braving the no-make up look. I guess it comes with growing up, saying "ok my skin isn't perfect" but liking other parts of my body or inner qualities. HD TV as Michal Lynn mentions, has helped a lot too :)

I used to obsess over my nose too, but again, I don't care anymore.

sarah! said...

eeep the no make up thing is something i need to work on. i mean, the whole 'foundation, mascara and blush' thing cause thats all i wear. but still. without it i feel like i look like russel brand. we're our own worst critics and will be forever. that's a bad thing and a good thing. thank you guys for commenting and reading! :) :)