Thursday, August 19, 2010

this song reminds me of this time last year, when i was getting ready to move to savannah. i listened to it all the time my first couple weeks here. havent listened to it since. it's a happy song.

i'm home tonight after a great second day at anthropologie. said my goodbyes to atlanta, now im spending a quiet night home looking forward to sleep. tomorrow the weekend begins. lots of finals work and hopefully some fun thrown in too. i'm in a bratty, blah mood right now. maybe it's the lack of sleep. maybe it's the end of the quarter curse. yes, at the end of every quarter this year something disappointing happens. that's larry david cynical of me, i know but i can't help it. these disappointments are usually small and something always comes in to cheer up the mood anyway. but it literally happens every time. i'm in touch with the universe, man. i know these things. i predict my own future dude.

but seriously, whatever whiney thoughts may be running around in my brain, it doesn't matter because this week was pretty great i feel reassured in a lot of thoughts that i already felt i had for my future. so that rules. a lot. i'll post pictures from the store/what we worked on the past two days. i loved working in that atmosphere. so much. we'll see where that goes. but as jill zarin from real housewives of nyc says "you plan and god laughs" (LOOOOOOOOOL sorry i had to)