Monday, August 23, 2010

frumpy & pretty

i really feel drawn to things/people that are both frumpy and beautiful. i think that sums up a lot about my taste. nothing too flashy, a little frumpy, kind of ugly but somehow still pretty. kind of old, maybe a little new but mostly old. clean and basic.

one of the reigning queens of frumpy beautiful is charlotte gainsbourg. french women in general really rule at this idea. simple, natural, basic, and imperfect but yet they look so put together. you don't see any of them dressing like Holly Madison with hot pink knee socks, short shorts and a polka dot bikini top covering their silicone boobs, hand in hand with their Ed Hardy shirt wearing boyfriend. it's just not happening.

i'd rather be somewhat homely in flats, jeans, a cardigan and an old thrifted cross body bag than a bright eye shadow wearing stiletto glitter girl.....obviously.

take a moment to appreciate these gorgeous, simple, black and white photos of good ol' charlotte.