Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i cant

fell in love with these shoes today. and after spending eight hours there today, I of course fell in love with everything else anthropologie related. to put it bluntly, today meant a lot of 'bitch work', but 'bitch work' really meant handling beautiful items, in a beautiful atmosphere, seeing how all of the displays come about (and helping out with them also), and how every tiny detail matters from how the door knobs are laid out all the way to the concepts behind each little nook and cranny in the store. everything is extremely thought out, but that's merchandising. things don't land in one spot, at the consumer's reach, for no reason at all. it's all very planned. i like that.

those sale racks are looking really really good too. i might have to ignore them tomorrow but lawd knows i wont.

this little 'get-away' to atlanta was really something i needed. i feel like a dad on a business trip a bit in this hotel room but it's cozy, and atlanta is different than any other city i've been in. not sure if i like it but i kind of get a kick out of it. not sure why. i just feel like everything is shiny, clean and just built yesterday. lots of flashy fancy things but then lots of not flashy fancy things. i don't see much history, or comfort. but that's okay i guess.

one more day tomorrow, up at 6am, done by 4pm, on the road hopefully not sitting in traffic for 9 million years. :(

shoes are from here, duh.