Thursday, July 8, 2010


um. this whole look is just beautiful. the colors are unexpectedly pleasant together (atleast on her. if i wore this, i'd look like I worked at blockbuster) simple pony tail. great shoes. grandma chic sunglasses. cardigan laying on the shoulders. that BAG? are you REAL? so great.

i wish it wasn't so hot out right now. nothing is cute in 100 degree weather. i'm heading to the mall tonight with one mission: to get more 'zsjush" (i can't spell it online, i can only say it. and i also can't explain it. but the word just WORKS. trust me) which means sparkly, goldy, jingly accessories that add a girly splash of WONDER to everything. i need more bracelets, more chunky necklaces, earrings. i need SOMETHING to make boring ugly sweat-proof outfits more exciting. what a rut i am in. lifez hard. in other news....the war is still going on in iraq and the oil spill is still spillin'. my lack of style currently is the smallest blip in the universe. i know i know..

photo credit- the sartorialist