Thursday, July 8, 2010


thanks to my lovely cousin brooke, i was tagged (awarded?) to take part in this fun little blog activity. i enjoyed reading her answers & also my other cousin's on their blogs so now it is my turn. here is what i'm suppose-ta-do:

1) Thank the person who gave this to me: Thank you, Brooke!

2) Copy and insert award into post and on blog.

3) Name three things you love about yourself.

1. I love that i'm getting to be more comfortable with the things i've always disliked about myself (eyebrows, boobs, butt, weird toes, small teeth (lolz), the list goes on..). IF YALL DON'T LIKE WAT I GOT, THEN BYE.

2. i like my sarcasm/offbeat/often no filter humor. what i like about it the most is that it helps me weed out people i don't want to be friends with. almost everyone i love has the same sense of humor as me. it makes life 100 times more fun. does that make sense? cool.

3. i like my growing personal style/taste. it keeps me busy because i always have something to dream/think about/read about/look at/listen to whether it's music, fashion, interior design, art, etc.

4) Post a photo that you love.

I love this photo because I took this the second time I was in London, which was when I really fell in love with traveling and also photography. I think this was one of the first pictures i ever 'took' that wasn't intended to be just a random snapshot. I feel like every girl goes through a photography phase, and mine lasted throughout middle school and high school. I still enjoy it but I haven't picked up a camera in so long unfortunately. I like to think that all those years of playing around with cameras really helped develop my eye a bit. I'm no Annie Leibovitz or anything. You get what I'm sayin'.

I remember taking this randomly during the first trip to Europe without my mom or dad. I was just an awkward sophomore in high school, just trying to figure out who I was, what I liked, what made me happy, etc. Looking back, going to Europe quite a bit during those awkward years absolutely helped me develop into who I am now. Even though I was just staring and watching the culture pass by me, it left a lasting impression on me and always made me feel comfortable & at home. And let's face it, 15 year olds hardly ever feel at home or comfortable, but Europe did that for me. This photo always reminds me of that time. I also won an award for this at a local art show in my town and it just makes me happy to look at. It's frantic but calming at the same time.

5) Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to:

1. my newest follower Evangeline @ six impossible things

2. my -in real life- pal jessica @ ox & oak

3. fellow former king's college student michallyn @ crazy crazy crazy

4. one of my favorite blogs to read & charleston 'neighbor' olivia rae @ everyday musings

5. another favorite blog with kate @ hello lindello (ps: she has a great etsy shop!)

everyone do it, plz! i cant wait to to read all of your answers! xo