Monday, April 19, 2010

if you're going to drink, i'd rather you do it in the house

i just don't feel right the past couple of days. something is off. i have to think myself out of it and tell myself "its beautiful out! life is good! stop being in a mood!". maybe I just need a couple of days to just let it flow, and feel it. feel the weirdness. i just need to get more motivated!

the photo above is amy poehler's cool mom character which always pops into my mind during random points in the day. it's so perfect. maybe i'll watch that today. but what i really need to do is get my ass out of my room, into the sunlight, go for a nice drive and then head to the library and PWN~* my marketing paper. that's what i'll do. eh, in a little bit.

in other news- this saturday, i sold a couple of eighty 8 pieces to an adorable boutique in Bluffton, SC called Eggs-N-Tricities. It's located in Old Town Bluffton which is the prettiest and most charming section with a bunch of antique stores, art galleries, a couple of restaurants, tons of mossy trees and cute bungalow homes. if you're in the area, stop by! it's about 20 mins from Savannah and probably 15 minutes from Hilton Head, SC.