Monday, April 19, 2010

synthetic happiness

a little outside time downtown, mixed with interviewing a local boutique owner & hearing that my nightclass is cancelled helped today flow even better than I thought. Before I hit the library, I'm just going to relax, listen to music and catch up on some reading. I did however come across this article about Michael Alig that I found interesting.

The tale of Michael Alig is one of my favorites, i'm not sure why. It's just so outlandish, glittery, terrifying and weird. If any of you have read the book Disco Bloodbath or have seen the movie Party Monster, you'd know about this guy. I recommend reading Disco Bloodbath before seeing the movie though because it's better. The movie stars Macauley Culkin and i don't know, it just looked cheap, tacky and poorly done. However, I think it was purposely done that way. I still loved it in high school though and would probably like it now just for the LOLz.

Long story short, Michael Alig was once king of the 'club kids' in late 80's/early 90's NYC and found himself in trouble when he murdered & dismembered a fellow club kid/drug dealer. Alig got away with it for some time but eventually was found hiding out in TOMS RIVER, NJ (my favorite part) and was arrested. Turns out, he's due to be out of prison soon. What a train wreck this will (continue to) be!

Read more about it if you like this type of stuff like I do. This story has all the elements of a good crazy hot mess crime story & will not disappoint.