Thursday, April 15, 2010

don't judge.

okay, i'm going to feature my whole 3d garment process on here. This project is for my fashion design class and it is the first garment I have ever designed/made myself, with a full on concept/storyboard, for a grade, etc. My concept (as I featured on another post, but it has since changed a bit) is from the book Vintage Tattoos. The entire book is filled with beautiful and interesting photos and history of tattoos but I had to focus in on one main idea for my garment inspiration so I chose feminine vintage tattoos. Meaning, women from the past with full sleeves, neck and chest tattoos.

I was amazed to see the photos of these ladies, looking feminine in their sweetheart cut dresses & pearls, covered in ink. The contrast is fascinating and I love how they were truly breaking the rules. Tattoos on women are still a bit of a taboo even now let alone 50+ years ago.
I deconstructed a vintage black dress (that had spaghetti straps but I cut them off before i took the 'before' photo)

every tangle and twist shown on the top is hand braided/twisted by me using black recycled fabric from various thrift store finds, chains, garbage bag strips, and black lace. don't mind if you spot some pins showing, this isn't completely sewn together just yet..

i'm contemplating cutting out part of the hip & putting more tangles & twists over there but i'm not sure. I was just playing around with some extra fabric which is what i pictured above near the hip. it is too topheavy and needs balance. what do you guys think? email meee with any tips! another set of eyes always helps

So, for the garment..I'm focusing on an all black color scheme, with lots of detail on the neck to somewhat mock a neck tattoo. I was extremely inspired by this woman, she is serving as my main 'muse'. Also, I looked to the Rodarte Spring 2010 collection a lot.

It's still a work in progress so I just wanted to feature some pictures from it's beginning stages. Of course this dress would look like a big hot mess on someone if they wore it in real life but that's not the point of the assignment. This is not supposed to be that wearable, it's supposed to just reflect the idea.

stay tuned!