Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i'm going to try and keep this (somewhat) short (but not really) and sweet because I feel like I could write a whole trilogy on this but i'd like to share with you all about today's SCAD Style events. I wrote about this 2 week long event before but to make a long story short, SCAD put together a bunch of different events each day for about 14 or so days, filled with lectures and panel discussions from some of the greatest minds in the fashion and design world.

yesterday was Fern Mallis (the HBIC of Fashion Week), which I unfortunately missed. However, today I was lucky enough to see Kelly Cutrone's lecture which was followed by a panel discussion by vintage expert & owner of Decades Cameron Silver and Vogue contributor and author Derek Blasberg.

Um. Can I just explain how inspirational and wonderful it was? I mean, it wasn't like these events were three hour long workshops or something. It was kind of 'in and out' but every word out of their mouths were just so educational, smart and motivating.

Kelly Cutrone was just as wonderful as I thought she would be. Very to the point, honest, hilarious, full of enthusiasm and support. She had such great advice for all of us and also shared some of her opinions on different things going on in the industry. Since it was so crowded, I didn't get my copy of her book signed. I almost felt like I wanted to cry during it (SHUT UP) because it just made me feel like "holy shit.....this is school?"

After about an hour break in between, I was ready for more. Cameron Silver and Derek Blasberg were so cute, hysterical, and smart. Cameron's story really touched me because he started his own vintage boutique which is something I dream of doing one day (in my own way of course) and his advice was extremely valuable. Derek had me cracking up which made me want to purchase his book immediately. He had great advice about working for different publications and they expelled some false ideas about how working in the fashion industry is. It's not like "a big gay space ship like in Ugly Betty" was an exact quote from Blasberg's mouth. Perfect.

I, of course, had to purchase Blasberg's book "Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady" and had him sign it. He was so sweet and I told him I was going to neglect all of my schoolwork to read it ASAP and he said that's what he likes to hear!

All in all, a wonderful, indescribable time. And there are more to come! I will be writing about the other ones I attend as well. I just feel like this is a dream. That is all.

Next on the list : DwellStudio lecture on Thursday afternoon! This one is extra cool because no only do I love home decor & babies but this lecture is taking place down the street from my house.