Monday, April 26, 2010


this is a picture of a stranger person's nails i found on google image search.

So, i'm the worst at maintaining/caring about certain girl things like pedicures and manicures. i can't relate to when I hear a woman say "UghHh it's been 2 weeks since my last pedicure! im so gross!". Frankly, the bottom of my feet are covered in black dirt from walking around my house/my porch with no shoes on/wearing the same dirty shoes all the time SToMpIN ARoUnd AwL oVer TowN. Seriously, it's gross but it doesn't bother me all that much unless I really take a look. Then it just makes me nervous and I cover them with my blanket or forget they exist. This is mature and healthy.

My hands are a little better but not by much. I'm not at the 'rubbing your palms together really fast so dirt comes off of them' point like what all the cool kids did in 2nd grade (remember that? was that just my class? was that just the boys I had crushes on? the dirty ones? oh.) Infact, they're pretty clean but let's not push it. My nails are chipped and bit and just a big old weird mess. I'll paint them every now and then but the colors chip off and are sometimes left on until there is literally a speck of pepper sized dot of color in the center of my nail.

So naturally when it's time for me to pay attention to this shit, I go to the best of the best to get it done. I pick up cheap bottles of weird colors at Urban Outfitters for 5 dollars and they chip off in ten minutes, or like today, i go to the Haven of All things Rich, Unique and Elegant.....Walmart.

Walmart has their own brand of nail polish called "Pure Ice" (mmm doesn't that name just make you tingle with dollar signs?) and every bottle is $2.oo. I found the coolest neutral, creamy silver color that I'm dying over. It's called "Kiss Me Here". What a dumb name but whatever.

I tried finding pictures of it online, which brought a ton of nail polish blogs to my attention (who knew) but the only pictures I found were of other people's cracked weirdy hands modeling the polish. And although that photoshopped sparkle on the nail really makes me want to dry heave, that picture above was the most normal set of hands on there(no offense, everyone. i know i'm not one to talk)

But anyway, doesn't that color rule? I put on three coats cause I'm a big girl now and I'm going to sport this color on my nails until the bottle is literally empty. Mii handz are readi fer summer.

Speaking of summer..I'm officially staying in Savannah for ten weeks (after being able to go home for a month, and then another couple weeks after the ten weeks are complete) and i'm happy about it. This weekend ruled although today didn't that much. Enough of that though. This isn't a sad girl journal or anything!