Tuesday, April 27, 2010


okay i am posting this as an official warning and/or announcement that my best friend Abby and I are planning on collaborating on a blog together.

It will be filled with our thoughts on everything from LIFE, MUSIC, GIRLFUN, COMPLAINTS, BABIES, LOST LOVE, DESIGN, HUMOR, BURGERS/FOOD, and DREAMS! (and everything in between) Basically it will just be a big pile of sarcasm and will be a strengthening tool for our friendship since we have to use WORDS to be best friends now that we are so far from each other. Maybe it will get us a book deal! Take that Lauren Conrad! Two witty best frans from New Jersey are comin' to get cha.

Basically, we get a kick out of each other and want to chronicle our ways of life and the way our brains work. Who cares, right? WELL HOPEFULLY EVERYONE! stay tuned.

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Alan Joseph said...

You've also broken your vow of no comments please. Welcome back to the team, Suh-Rrah. On the reall. Im anxious to know what goes on in your mind and wonder twin from NJ as well. Keep us posted!!