Saturday, November 28, 2009

sorry PETA

oh excuse me..did I say that I had strictly a vintage purse & jewelry addiction? time to add vintage fur to that list. 

Earlier in the week, I purchased this great thick 1970's trench coat with a beautiful fur collar and lining. It's a bit tight but fits well enough to function like a human but in reality, it will be my coat to wear when I will be doing things like walking in a straight line or standing, never driving or using/moving my arms for a long period of time. It's made for a husky little boy so let's just say it's not curve/boob friendly. 

Today I was thrifting at a favorite NJ spot for jewelry (which, by the way, was very successful) when I spotted this beauty (pictured above). It's gorgeous, smooth, everything I dreamed of and I'm addicted. Where will I wear this? Probably nowhere. I feel like a cross between Lil Kim, a crazy woman who should have lipstick on her teeth and Margot Tennenbaum. Time will only tell.