Friday, November 27, 2009


I think I'm one of those people who try and gain inspiration from everywhere. Of course my favorite way to achieve inspiration is by watching the people around me, or in movies, magazines, wherever. I suppose I'm a bit predictable with my 'style icons' but hey. Atleast I know what I like? I'll watch a movie, read an article or watch kids at my school or in my city walk around and instantly feel like I want to go make something or create a new necklace, outfit, etc. I love to see the girl with a half shaved head and sleeves wearing a cardigan and cute flats, or the girl wearing something simple like jeans and a tee shirt but with a great bag. I just love watching how people present themselves. 

Lately, I love to try and emulate the whole Annie Hall/female stars of Woody Allen movies. I don't think I try successfully but i always keep them in mind. How cozy and layered those New York 1970's/1980s women looked like Diane Keaton, Barbara Hershey, Meryl Streep, etc. They always looked put together, effortless and so smart. Always with something witty or great to say, completely neurotic, with somewhere cool to go, and somehow all falling for good ol' Woody when let's just face the most unrealistic part about them.  Just like how many French women are portrayed and even simple 90's icons like Winona Ryder. They had their quirks and put across a sexy vibe without plastic boobs falling out of a halter top or too tight 'career woman' outfit like many of the Hollywood films these days. Their look is easy to achieve and pretty classic. 

On Tuesday I'm heading back to Savannah after spending eight days in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. I'll be in GA for two weeks and then I'll head back to NJ, but within those two weeks, it will be pretty lonely. My school doesnt start up again until January 4th, so I will have to work and keep busy with whoever is still down there/myself. With that said, I'm 'launching' (how fancy, right? ha.) a new collection for Eighty 8

Tons of new necklaces, with a somewhat different look but still stickin' to the root idea, and I will be adding other items such as vintage purses and clutches that I have collected & have found along the way. Vintage purses are one of my addictions so I figure I will stock up on the best ones I find, fix them up & share them in the shop.

Stay tuned!

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