Monday, November 30, 2009


spent the day in brooklyn today attempting to thrift but mostly just floating around. it was rainy & gross out but it was still fun. we mainly stayed in the brooklyn heights area and had dinner & cupcakes in bay ridge.

Found a couple interesting shops on Atlantic ave, including a high-end vintage store with beautiful pieces from designers like Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabanna, Christian Dior, and Miu Miu. I even successfully managed to drop a pair of vintage mustard colored Christian Louboutin heels two times! The unfriendly Cris Angel look-alike store clerk reeeeally was not into that joke. He, infact, was not into dealing with humans at all. Sorry dude!

we even went to the Fred Flare store in Greenpoint! I had never been there before so I was super excited to go. It's tiny, cozy and just as adorable as I expected it to be. I picked up a Williamsburg tote bag (not pictured. so cute though) & a ceramic portable coffee mug/container thing (pictured above)

i love brooklyn & new york city. I'm glad I got my NYC fix two times this past week even if both times were days with shitty weather. Now it's time to head back to Savannah for two weeks. One thing I'm excited about is to get back to the wet & humid environment even when it's chilly. It's never dry! I've become so sick and crusty without it. 

ps- at Fred Flare they were playing one of my favorite Eagles of Death Metal songs. Forgot how much i loved it. Listen-