Thursday, December 3, 2009

cozy timez

so here i am, livin' my little life in savannah without any roommates or school for the next two weeks (then back to jersey!). It's only been two days but it feels nice and different. I never mind when the other girls are here but it's quiet and peaceful right now. No stress, no waiting to use the kitchen, no one else's dishes in the sink, etc. I cleaned, swept, cooked black bean soup & i'm going to buy fresh flowers tomorrow & hang up vintage artwork around the house. I even spent the afternoon today in South Carolina with my cousin where we had lunch & 9,000 iced teas at the cutest place called Truffles and scared all of the uptight old fancy people sitting around us with our loud Jersey voices and no-filter story telling. 

I'm officially an asshole because I went out and bought a garment rack (theyre so cheap, shut up!) for the very bare side of my room next to my desk. It always needed something, and my clothing collection is getting out of control so I decided to hang up my favorite blouses, dresses and coats. This is the most superficial entry i am sorry (oh wait probably every entry seems superficial) ANYWAY, it's a good idea and it's convenient so go out and get one! It was only like 13 bucks at Walmart, easy to put together, etc. 

My room is just so fucking comfortable right now, i needed to BLoG abOut iT. Interesting, i know.