Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday, in what I hope is the last leg of my "Digital Things Hate Me" phase, I've become a MacBook owner. Thank the Fucking LORD. My Dell has always been alright until I moved here 2 months ago. It's been downhill from there, and after spending $300 to get it fixed the first week I moved here, the screen starting dying, the battery died, I ordered a new one, then all of it all together died. Cool, Dell. Thank you. Blessing in disguise? I impulsively (well..kind of. it was either that or no computer at all) bought a MacBook and I must say, i'm in love.

Tomorrow it's back to work (!!) and school. Tons of projects, quizes, and then the weekend will return to me. It's been getting more fun and better each and every weekend. Meeting more and more people, learning a lot, being challenged, working, and having a blast. Tons of technical difficulties & no car but hey. It's fine. 

ps- you know that obligatory photobooth pic was coming. macbook must have, i'm sorry.