Monday, October 12, 2009


have i ever mentioned on here how in love i am with Steven Alan? I think somewhere along the way I have. The fall 2009 collection? Makes me want to cry. It's perfect. I love the incorporation of menswear into feminine looks, especially the dark reds, flannel, olive, navy, khaki and sailor-looking prints. I cannot wait until it starts getting chilly here so I can break out all of the sweater-weather outfits. 

I keep seeing facebook friends uploading apple picking photo albums and fall weather statuses and it's making me a bit jealous. Yeah weather here is beautiful, but it's 82 degrees in October. SHITS GITTIN REAL OLD, YA'LL. Biking around will be 10 times better when it's breezy, especially since my ipod stocked with 1200 new songs (YES!) and well, that just makes everything better.

One thing I really miss about going to school in PA is that there was an abundance of large thrift shopping places. Two Salvation Army stores that were the size of Target, and a supermarket sized Volunteers of America. All filled with hidden gems at ridiculously cheap prices. It was fun to spot 'trends' and get inspiration from blogs or wherever, and go on adventures at the thrift stores to find low-budget versions. There may be some good thrift stores around here but in driving distance. So far, my favorites in Savannah are - Civvies and The Clothing Warehouse, but both are well aware of the finds that they have in the store. The beauty of thrifting in Wilkes-Barre was that the majority of the people shopping in the stores were just trying to find clothes and not caring about what was fashionable. A pair of sunglasses could be 10 dollars in a downtown Savannah shop but the same pair would be 50 cents in WB

I'm looking forward to getting my car down here (two more weeks!) for when I need to do basic things like go to Target and the grocery store, but also to find some hidden southern thrift store/antique treasures off the beaten path. Downtown stores are all nice but I want the kind where I need to search and search through moth ball smelling racks of goods and pay a total of $10 for 5 dresses. You know, that kind.

Of course i'm loving being in biking distance from urban outfitters, gap, banana republic, american apparel, etc. because thanks to a sale yesterday I found the most perfect leather jacket to wear with dresses. I've been searching for one that doesn't make me look like a T-Bird and I finally found it. 30% off.