Thursday, October 8, 2009


marc by marc jacobs bow ring - um, clearly this is needed. mj, bows, chunky black and gold? please. this is a type of ring that would most likely not even fit on my fingers or if it did, it would be the first thing to scratch me in the face or get caught in my hair (i'm always the optimist) but it's still adorable. what's that i hear?'s just forever 21 making a knock off as we speak.
"carrie basket" - this basket kills me, especially since my main form of transportation these days is my bike. i'm not one to name a favorite color but let's just say this type of green is up there on my list. the design of the basket is so whimsical and reminds me of a cross between lace and some of the architectural details on a lot of the older houses in savannah. i don't know. i want it. i just need a cuter bike to go with it, because my (borrowed) purple bike is not a match for this basket. a sight for sore eyes, for sure.

free people ballet biker glove- i straight up gasped when i saw these. i'm always torn between the whole 'biker' look that's going on (thanks alexander wang.) because i dress pretty feminine but want to throw in things every now and then with 'edge', but i always walk the line between girl wearing something with edge and butch. the leather jacket craze? i'm tryin. crazy 'i'll punch your fucking face" biker gloves? i would look like an ass. these gloves? the perfect mix, but are still 96% feminine. love.

all of these gems were found over at Slice of Style which is my brother & cousin's website. it's so great, check it out!