Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my grandmother.

One of my favorite things on Earth is looking through old photographs, especially of loved ones from a different time. When I was little, I'd visit my Grandma Genevieve (mother's mother.) and look through her jewelry boxes, play in her closet and look at old photos. We also watched a ton of Lifetime original movies and I played with her scary-looking 1970's reindeer christmas decoration figurines but that's another story. 

The point is, she was a wonderful inspiration in my life and I think about her everyday. She's the first person that I ever lost and I look at my life or certain interests that I have and wish so much that she could be here to see how I've grown, and how our entire family has grown. I think she would be so proud.

Photos of her when she was younger are some of my favorite things to look at and one day, when I own a little boutique, I want these photos & other photos of my stylish female loved-ones framed on the walls for all to see, since they are my all time favorite inspirations.