Wednesday, October 28, 2009


my roommates and i walked around our apartment today figuring out different projects to begin as far as decorating the place goes. It's still quite bare as far as putting personal details around everywhere aside from our rooms/the kitchen. We came up with some cute ideas and the one I'm most excited about is displaying vintage dishes on the wall. 

for some reason I just looove collecting mismatched, beautiful, old dishes to use for everything but eating on. Whether it's displaying jewelry on it, putting a candle on top or putting make up brushes on it, etc. I've always admired when people incorporate the dishes into wall decor and I found the perfect wall to put them on! Now that I will have my car, thrifting/antiquing will become a part of my weekly schedule. I'm also on a hunt for a small Victorian style white bust & an old ornate antique wooden chair with a cushioned seat for a corner in my room. YA KNOW, normal 21 year old college kid shit. That stuff and turning 21 next Friday. Oh yeah.