Monday, November 2, 2009

home is wherever i'm with you.

i'm going to take this opportunity to write a little DiTTy about my best friend & how our brains are One.

Last weekend when my sisters were visiting, we were shopping at urban outfitters and a song was playing that I fell in love with. Actual trance-like love. The song was so good that I heard employees say "YES! IT'S BACK ON!" when it began. Then it was over, and of course I forgot to take notes of the lyrics to google when I got back home so I could find the song. It vanished before my very ears. Gone. Just like that. I even spent a couple hours  trying to find it online somehow without a song title or artist name. Pretty much impossible.

Fast forward to an hour ago when my best friend Abby sends me a little inbox message suggesting a song to me. Usually I will like anything she suggests because we have extremely similar taste. The song she suggested to me today? Oh, you know. The song I heard in Urban Outfitters and searched endlessly for. SAME FUCKING BRAIN. 

The title of this post is most likely going to further any questioning our families/friends have about our sexuality but we are sincerely heterosexual, we just understand each other so well. Heterosexual life partner, if you will. I miss her.

Enjoy the song. :)