Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

Yesterday morning my Mom and I drove into New York City to spend the night there and see some exhibits. First, we went downtown for the John Lennon Exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex which was amazing. In order to get to the actual Lennon exhibit, you have to walk through the entire rock & roll history part which was so great. Tons of history on all kinds of artists from Muddy Waters to Janis Joplin, Run DMC, Patti Smith, Sex Pistols, even Arcade Fire and the Black Keys. If you love music, I'd recommend just going to see what it's all about.

I wasn't really expecting to see all of it but I'm glad that's how it all worked out. It all flowed perfectly together with the Lennon dedication right at the very end which was completely beautiful and heartbreaking. I had to stop myself from crying a couple of times. If you're a Beatles/Lennon fan, please go see it if you're in town. You must. It's a pretty small room filled with tons of personal items, home movies and other wonderful things that was a perfect mix of happiness and tragedy.

It just constantly breaks my heart that this person was taken away from us. I wasn't even alive when he was murdered but his life still affects me and so many other people. I try so hard to even think about someone in the spotlight right now that comes close to being like John Lennon and no one comes to mind. A true, talented musician with powerful thoughts but yet such a down to earth heart & soul. WHO the HELL is like that with as much fame and fortune that Lennon had. I hate being 'that guy' who talks about how everyones shot to shit nowadays but sometimes it's true. However, people (especially celebrities) were pretty rotten back then also, I think it was just that John Lennon was extra special.

Today after waking up & walking around, we wandered over to the Richard Avedon Fashion exhibit at the International Center of Photography. It was so great. His photography is breathtaking and my personal favorites were the ones taken in 1950's Paris.

Black and white photography is my favorite so each and every photo on display really moved me. The beautiful outfits the women (and men) were wearing acted as art inside art. The older ones were my favorites but so were the ones starring the 90's "Supermodels" like Kate Moss, Gia, Stephanie Seymour and Linda Evangalista. This is a must-see for anyone who loves fashion and photography.