Sunday, August 16, 2009

"turn off the light 'cause it's night on the sun"

I've been searching online (mostly on Etsy & InSound) for band posters that aren't the typical reproduced, generic performance photo or album cover. Don't get me wrong, if I love a band, I will pretty much support them no matter what their posters look like but I'm a huge fan of poster art like the ones listed above. Mostly all of these are for different concerts in many different areas and artists design the prints using the most beautiful, vibrant colors and unique composition.

I appreciate art as decor but if I had it my way, I'd decorate my home with all music related art posters/prints, framed album covers mixed in with personal pieces like old photographs, post cards, and different mementos from my life. That's what I enjoy the most when I walk into people's houses or when I read different decorating magazines/websites. I just love when you can walk into a room and know the person's favorite band, movie or memory by just looking around.

generic floral or tropical already made cheesy framed prints from bed, bath & beyond? fuck that. use some creativity! some people hate doing that though.

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