Thursday, August 27, 2009

byeyallmovingtojawja SALE

well, it's that time. Two boxes filled with a ton of my things have been Fed-Ex'ed off to my new home & i will follow it on Sunday morning (with two suitcases). I cannot even picture what my life is going to be like down there which is such a good sign. When I can't even picture it, it's usually better. It hardly makes sense but for some reason it always has worked for me. The less I fantasize about certain things and just wait for it to naturally happen, it winds up being great.

Regardless of what my over-acting brain is seeing, I can say that I have the biggest butterflies in my stomach & i am so excited. It's finally happening. It's been one whole year of just wanting this so bad and now it's happening. I can stop answering the "So are you excited for Savannah?" questions and start answering the "So how is Savannah?" questions.

With all of that said, of course I'm sad to leave. I've already started to say my goodbyes and it's hard. It's hard to realize that there's a good chance I won't see my friends/town/home/some of my family until Christmas. That's weird. The biggest plus is that I'm going to be able to just literally start a 'new life', more like a new chapter, where no one knows me. They can get to know me or meet me without knowing any embarrassing high school or middle school perceptions of me (hello Monmouth county), or whatever else. I can just be myself and start on a clean slate.

Anyway, i'm sitting in my office which I will miss like crazy, and I've been going through all of my 'inventory' for the etsy shop. If you're my friend on Twitter & a fan of the eighty8 facebook page, you'll know the announcement already but here it is again:

*email me at Eighty8Designs@Gmail.Com if you've had your eye on anything in the shop & I'll tell you the sale price. I've reduced many of the prices but I need you to message me first to find it out & also I will take off any shipping prices.

So in other words: NEW LOW PRICES & NO SHIPPING.

Into it? I hope so! Help me get 'rid' of my merch before I leeeave!