Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today was a really lovely Sunday. I had lunch with my mom, had a successful trip to Anthropologie where I found the perfect green/yellow cardigan and we both picked up books. "What I Know Now", and "Entre Nous". They're just cute books to have laying around and pick up for some uplifting thoughts. I can't wait to start reading them once I'm finished with Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin, which I must say has been so great and funny. Please read this is if you want to feel better about having an awkward teen life and love reading books about women who are who they are and don't give a shit. I like that.

Also, I really enjoyed this book more so than other "wah wah wah i did lots of drugs and people picked on me so I'm going to write about it" books because the way she wrote it was like she was just talking to you and making fun of herself. I love when people can do that and not sound preachy or that they were just so interesting because they had a drug addiction. No offense to the world but..newsflash: anyone can have a drug addiction.

There is nothing worse than someone who A: preaches about how to make your life better like theirs (probably one of the worst traits ever because it definitely hides insecurity. if you have a good life, you don't have to remind people all the time..) and B: someone who thinks they're the shit because they have a partying past. Bleh. Over it. But NOT over Arfin's book. She mastered the art of "My past sucked sometimes but I wouldn't change a thing".