Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anne Cresci subtitling from Laurencefabrice on Vimeo.

As a little girl, sitting around the 'reading time' circle as one of my teachers read aloud a story, slowly, taking time to show us all the illustrations..i always dreamed of how great being a children's book author would be.

In first grade, in miserable mrs. rooney's classroom, she'd give us free time (which I now realize was probably over an hour, and she just sat at her desk refusing to talk to us. cool.) to color or do whatever we wanted. During that time, many of us would use construction paper and markers to draw, and I decided to make my own books. I'd glue the papers together, come up with a short & sweet story and create illustrations to go along with it. My mother still keeps all of those 'books' in a drawer in our house, with every one of my stories from "tommy's first haircut" and whatever other tale I came up with.

My drawings were pretty pathetic but there was a constant theme that every man in my story had three tiny hairs sprouting out of his head. In my current drawing class, I'm realizing that i'm not as hopeless at drawing as I thought I was but I still need a lot of improvement.

The video above really made me happy because not only is it bright, cheery and the woman's workspace is completely beautiful, but there is just something about cute children's book illustrations that still make me feel like I'm six years old sitting in the reading circle again. I mean, obviously I think that because they are children's book, so of course they remind me of childhood..just like most kid-friendly things do, but art is just one of those things that can just be constant in your life. It's for all ages, even something adorable like a french bunny or even an asian kitty (hello kitty!)

The past two times I was in France, I made it a point to pick up lots of post cards. I always do when I travel, not to send to anyone but to keep to use for decorative/nostalgic purposes. I've found really great and adorable French children's cartoon type post cards in various book stores or even gift shops, and of course I have no idea what it all means, it just makes me happy. This video reminded me of that, so enjoy.