Saturday, July 11, 2009

oh, that image above? just a harmless urban outfitters wishlist. however, one complaint: everything looks so much better online than in the store. maybe it's just me but i get overwhelmed..sort of want everything, but get nervous. it's retail anxiety. there's too much around me, and not enough dolla dolla billz yall in my wallet.

what i am day-dreaming about lately is all of the great thrift shopping that i'm missing out on now that i'm not in wilkes-barre. i found literally the best 'staples' in my wardrobe for under 10 bucks from either salvation army (the size of a Target store.) or volunteers of america thrift store (which was the size of a supermarket). i'm going to take the three hour drive one of these days and just spend the day at all my favorite thrift stores and see what i could find. 20 dollars in gas is worth it when it means i can get 15 items for 20 bucks. ya know? we'll see.

this upcoming week is pretty exciting for my dull little life, i must say. one of the movies i've been anticipating all summer is coming out, im going to school (bleh. okay not that exciting), and i'm going to see built to spill for Frrreeee in brooklyn on saturday at Siren Fest, AND i get to see my pal mary who is going to meet up with us there. kjlsfkjlsfjklsfjksf the weather better be good or there's gonna be a massacre. and i'll be responsible.

ps: bruno. i don't have anything to say. for the 2 hours, i just screamed the entire time, due to many different emotions. they ranged from shock, hysterical laughter, disgust, shock, more laughter, plain screams, shock, and more laughter. go see it? or don't. i'm not sure if i should reccomend it. let's just say i was thankful to every power in the world that i was there with my friend and not my parents. or any adult. mortifying. but so...funny.