Friday, July 10, 2009

these are a couple of albums that have been in my ears awl day. check them out if you havent already, and/or need new music, or maybe just a reminder that these babies still exist.

i added a gazillion new necklaces to the shop today also. So check them out! I already sold two necklaces before they hit the store (look at the previous post), which happened to be two of my favorites. it's always sad for me to say goodbye to any of the necklaces when they are bought. it's bittersweet, but i know they will be going to good homes.

in other news, i've started my art history & drawing classes this past week. they are great, i must say. although they are both 3 and a half hours long which kind of doesnt rule but hey, whatever because i have a ma-a-a-jor crush on one of my teachers. is he going to find this? ohhh lawd. i have only had two drawing classes and I already feel like I've gotten a lot out of it.

Tonight is going to be girlfun, going to bobby's burger palace (yaa know..) and seeing Bruno. i'm already laughing.