Monday, July 13, 2009

i have written about jenna lyons once or twice before on here, but i must say that she really is one of those people that I love reading about, doing my best to try to get inside her head a little bit. Her job is the ultimate dream job (creative director at J.Crew), which allows her to mix granny-chic and structured style perfectly and she loves The Kills. come on. She kind of reminds me of a gawky nerd who wound up in this amazing high profile position but still is just an awkward girl at heart. Maybe i'm the only one who thinks that about her, but I do, and that's why I really admire her. She's not glittery money bags anorexia coke whore (oops? too far?) She's interesting in an approachable way, not a feared 'out of this world' way.

here is a great article on her that I came across tonight from the Huffington Post.

"There is always something borrowed from the boys and something borrowed from grandma. There is always some sort of tailoring and a more structured element, and then a piece that I might have found in my grandma's attic. I like to pair something a little too sweet and sugary with something more tailored." - jenna lyons

ps: the past two days i have felt so different, and not in a good way. maybe i'm coming down with something, who knows. i hate wanting to rush my life right now because it may not be the most socially exciting, but in a little over a month from now i'll be missing things about home. the real home, meaning being able to lay in my bed, hang out with my mom, and feel familiar. i need to start focusing more on what/who really matters.