Wednesday, July 15, 2009

although my art history class is 3 and a half hours long, twice a week, very early on in the day..i must say that i really am enjoying it a lot. i have always loved art and consider myself to be a visual person, but now i really feel like i'm being taught why I like the things I like, or why I dont like certain things. I've always enjoyed really looking a piece of art, rather than just seeing it. I like to stare at it and figure out what each detail means and respect it even if it doesnt appeal to me. art classes are probably hard to teach because how can you teach how to love something or to hate something? being a critic of art is obviously about taste and opinion, but what I love about my teacher is that he's really trying to open our eyes and would never say "no you're wrong". he has a perfect answer for literally every question, which makes me wonder HOW the fuck he does it but he does.

My teacher is a jaded, older, attractive artist who openly says he can't spell and doesn't give a shit about the textbook or rules. He's smart, kind of an asshole and interesting. But of course, it wouldn't be reality if there was an art class without that smartass, close minded fucker who needs to argue or point out "A TWO YEAR OLD CAN DO THAT" about everything he doesnt understand. That person, i like to refer to as "Jean Shorts Guy". He eats burgers in class, slurps capri sun packets, wears jean shorts everyday and is someone that every human probably wants to slap. Lovely, right?

artwork above = picasso, diane arbus, immogen cunningham, rembrandt and matisse.