Tuesday, June 2, 2009

well this is one tiny ass photo, but do you see what i see? yes. kathy fucking griffin on the cover of bust fucking (alright, that didnt sound ok) magazine. Bust magazine is perfect in almost every way possible. Hell, I'd put down Nylon and/or every other magazine on the market in a heartbeat if it meant reading BUST all day. And you better believe that I still find Kathy Griffin hilarious.

This magazine is funny, honest, and best of all: aimed towards strong women who just want to be their best for themselves. Hardly any mention of "DReSsSs For YOur GuY", or "weIGhty LossSs to FiT IN THAT dReSS". hell no! Bust is too busy figuring out other cool topics to talk about and interesting women to feature. Next time you see this magazine on the shelf (which may or not be in the gay/lesbian section which confused me and made my friend look at me with "sarah is kind of gay" eyes), pick it up and read it. I bet you'll like it, and best of all...they support Etsy!

In other magazine news, I was at a consignment store by my house in long beach island and found Domino Magazine book for FOUR DOLLARS. The world is cool sometimes, huh guys?