Thursday, June 4, 2009

marc jacobs was the first designer that i started to show interest in once i hit my teens. somethin' about the playful colors & designs that are feminine yet are mixed with this edgy, retro feel. he always has the coolest muses (sophia coppola, kim gordon, lil kim, winona ryder, just to name a few..) and really has a savvy business mind. everytime i go to manhattan, i always stop by his extremely tiny but great accessories store on bleeker st. where you can find so many items for under $50! his clothes & accessories are perfect for the type of girl i am, and it's pretty affordable (well, the marc by marc jacobs line..) compared to a lot of other designers. I usually never give up hope in MJ.

So just now, I was checkin' my mail and good ol' Rachel Zoe sent me her Piperlime* picks (, i'm still reppin & supporting you no matter what.) and Marc by Marc Jacobs beautiful and colorful bags totally made me say "stop it." outloud by myself. I'm not huge into color except when I want that one pop of color or something but holy hell, these bags are the most soothing, candy/fruit-like wonderland of all bags. I want to just bathe in them, or throw them in a blender with ice (fuck! no. i just commit handbag sin by even considering throwing them in a blender.)
The shapes? Come on. Texture? I'm just imagining how soft and perfect they are. Practical? Kind of.

I mean, if you're 20 years old with a passion for bags and you find yourself with a little extra money, marc by marc jacobs is the best idea. right? are you nodding at the screen? you better be. my jetta can just keep shaking in the rain, have weird brakes and an engine problem because you know what? i need a new bag. byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee.

*if you don't know, Piperlime is part of the Gap.Inc family. It's an online shoe & accessories store that offers the most adorable mix of high & low end designer goods. rachel zoe has a regular feature on the site where she picks her favorite items which are usually always sure to please. atleast for my eyes? but yeah. piperlime is great, and fairly new so check it out. always great sales!