Saturday, June 6, 2009

spending the night in beautiful new york city yesterday was not-so-beautiful due to the terrential downpour, leaving me basically looking like a homeless frizzy curl rat but atleast we just went to a bar so it was fine eventually. how is it that even in that weather, with the wind, the grayness, the buckets of rain coming down...there were so many new york girls struttin around looking as perfect as ever. with perfect hair, chic umbrellas (how the fuck do you make an umbrella look chic, i dont know.) bitches!

so today i was scrolling through pics from New York Social Diary, which is filled with those perfect-never wet rats in the rain-new york girls, but mostly their botox moms, dads and grandparents and others of course. So, luckily I found this from the Oscar De La Renta 2010 resort collection and i was blown away. how beautiful his work is.